Best New Treatments in 2017

Award winning treatments

Multi-Pronged Approach
Give your complexion a complete overhaul with The Sloane Clinic’s Very Luminous Skin Program. Designed to target major skincare woes such as enlarged pores, fine lines, acne scars and pigmentation, this series of treatments perfects skin texture for a flawless mien.

Unrivaled Precision
The Very Luminous Skin Program includes SmartX laser resurfacing, and LED Red and LED Plus treatments for the ultimate skin regeneration. Unlike conventional CO2 lasers, SmartX has a unique feature that uses a special high-speed computer scanner to deliver ultra-precise microlaser pulses exactly where they’re needed. This ensures that scars, deep wrinkles and stubborn pigmentation are specifically targeted. In addition, it also promotes skin healing for long-lasting results, sans the downtime of traditional ablative lasers.

Optimal Skin Repair
To ensure a speedy and seamless recovery, LED Plus and LED Red therapies are then used as part of this comprehensive treatment programme. LED Plus is a gentle and non-thermal remedy for post-laser recovery, as it is specifically calibrated to reduce redness and swelling. On top of that, the LED Red therapy, as its name suggests, involves exposing skin to red light to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen formation, regulate sebum production and tighten pores. Over the course of the treatment programme, crepey and rough skin gives way to smoother, tauter and brighter skin—just so you’re always ready for your close-up.

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